Are you looking for a local recruiter that will go beyond to find you awesome talent for your permanent, temporary, or short-term contract role?

We connect Australian business with international talent.

Local and International Recruitment Made Easy

Your search for the best recruitment team ends at Three Peaks International. We strive to help employers find the best talent that also fits the culture of the business.

We make hiring great talent as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. Our unique and comprehensive approach to recruitment looks beyond experience and skills alone to ensure that we connect you with candidates that fit your culture, values, and competency standards. With us on your company’s recruitment front, you can expect innovative hiring solutions you won’t find elsewhere.

Admin and Office Staff

Whether you need a receptionist or back-office staff, we can find the ideal person to make sure your office runs smoothly.

Accounting, Finance, and Legal Support

Let us provide your accounting, finance and legal practice managers with entry-level to mid-tier personnel so they can focus more on looking after their clients.

Other Specialised Roles

We’re here to help you fill your business’s specialised roles, no matter how unique the job is to your organisation. We’ll find professionals that greatly match your standards and qualifications.

Why Work With Three Peaks International?

We provide a tailored approach to each engagement to ensure that the candidates we present will fit your business as opposed to a shotgun one size fits all approach. We sit down with each business to work out your unique employer proposition which answers the question why you are an ideal employer for candidates that are looking for new opportunities.

We are upfront and honest in our assessments and in the unlikely event that things don’t seem to be working out quite how you expected, you can expect us to provide alternative solutions which you may have not considered before. 

We also provide Outplacement Services where we help employees transition out of the business while maintaining a positive relationship between the organisation and the employee.

Our 5 C's Of Recruitment

We provide a tailored approach to each engagement to ensure that the candidates we present will fit your business as opposed to a shotgun one size fits all approach.


We look at candidates’ personality profiles, their achievements and extra-curricular activities, and any type of involvement in the community or in their industry.


We make sure to determine whether the candidate will be a good fit for you and your company’s unique culture so you can seamlessly work hand-in-hand in realizing your organizational goals.


We measure both the hard and soft skills of candidates, as we believe that these two are important for their success in the role.


We source candidates from different channels to ensure that we can thoroughly find the right person for the role you need to fill. Three Peaks International has access to several channels because of our links to businesses and the migrant community.

Corporate Profile

We help you define your unique employer proposition because a business that knows who they are and why they are an ideal employer has a higher probability of attracting the right type of candidate that fits them. 

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